Undergraduate Work :
BS in Computer Science - 2007

Listed below are the majority of my programming works as an undergrad. Enail me if you'd like to take a look at something.

CSIS 2610 : Programming and Problem Solving

Problem solving methods and algorithms using a high-level programming language. Designing, coding, debugging, and documenting programs using techniques of good programming style.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

These are the programs from my first programming class in C++ and UNIX.

CSIS 2617 : Data Structures and Objects

Program design, style and expression, testing and debugging for larger programs. Introductory concepts of object-oriented programming, including classes, methods, encapsulation, and abstract data types. Theory and application of data structures, including linked structures, trees, networks, and graphs.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

Part two of my freshman year. These programs are all still dealing in C++ and UNIX.

CSIS 3701 : Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented design and programming, including classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling. Introductory software engineering techniques for program development, specification, documentation, verification, and user interface design.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

This set of programs require Java to be installed on your system.

CSIS 3726 : Visual/Object-Oriented Programming

Use of one or more visual programming languages in conjunction with the concepts of object-oriented programming. Development of interactive programs using a graphical user interface. Database and Internet programming.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

This set of programs require the .NET framework to be installed on your system. Some of these programs require the databases below in order to run. If you try to run them without the database, they won't work. They all require that the databases be in the top most directory of the drive you're running out of (i.e. If you're running the program from your desktop the database must be in C:\). Cities requires lab4.mdb, and GIS requires the NM.mdb database.

CSIS 3740 : Computer Organization

Basic hardware components, structure, and implementation of computer systems. Assembly language and instruction set architecture. Combinational and sequential digital logic. CPU and control unit design.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

C++ programming on minor steroids.

CSIS 3760 : E-Commerce Programming

Programming for client/server systems related to electronic commerce, including server-side languages such a Perl and Client-side languages such as JavaScript. Topics include form validation and parsing, database access and manipulation, and design, networking, and security issues.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Perl all wrapped into one course. Amazing.

CSCI 5806 : Operating Systems

Study of the various components of operating systems including kernels and monitors, currency and parallel processing, processor management, storage management, device management, I/O processing and file management.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

Java programming on moderate steroids.

CSCI 5814 : Computer Architecture

Study of high-performance sequential computer architecture. Topics include performance evaluation, instruction set design, processor implementation techniques, pipelining, vector processing, memory hierarchy design, and parallel architecture.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

C++ programming on heavy steroids.

CSCI 5895 : Artificial Intelligence and Game Programming

Study of the theory and applications of intelligent systems. Topics may include general problem-solving techniques, knowledge representation and expert systems, vision and perception, and natural language processing. AI systems and languages.

- YSU Undergraduate Bulletin (2007)

Java programming on moderate to intense steroids.